NAD is situated in the beautiful Lembeh Strait region of North Sulawesi. Famous the world over for its peerless macro and muck diving, the Lembeh Strait region offers more than just face to face encounters with weird and wonderful critters. The resort is nestled between two hills inside a tranquil bay on Lembeh Island, a short boat ride from Bitung Harbour and minutes away from all the top dive sites of the region. Despite our proximity to Bitung we have a clean beach with some nice corals and lots of wildlife at the waters' edge.  2 types of Kingfishers nest next to our bungalows, and juvenile monitor lizards can be seen on the beach in the early morning.  In the evenings, Tarsiers can be heard in the trees around the Restaurant.  NAD is also Owner - Operated, almost all year Simon and Zee are present on site.

NAD has ten rooms and four bungalows, we try not to cut down trees, and these lovely large trees provide shade which we are thankful for in the dry months. Our housereef has stable populations of 'Lembeh Seadragons' and several types of Anemonefish - more than enough subjects to spend a few hours shooting during your stay. The resort had an overhaul in 2012, with new Kitchen, Restaurant and Lounge Area which has made bugs and mosquito sightings rare in the common areas.  The resort also has 2 fogging machines to keep the mosquitos under control in the wet months.


Commensal Shrimp on a NudibranchLembeh Island is famous for it's critter diving in the Muck. Muck and Critter Diving usually takes place in areas with Black Sand substrate which is a haven for small 'macro photography' critters.  You will find many species of Octopus, Frogfish and Seahorses here.  Bitung is a small port town situated on the South Coast of North Sulawesi, or Sulawesi Utara as it is known here.  About 1 hours drive away is Manado international Airport, and a further 30 Minutes from there is Manado City.

Here at NAD Lembeh Resort, we offer our guests 24hr electricity with all airconditioned rooms, along with free WiFi Internet Access in most areas.  All our Rooms feature hot water showers which are ideal after a long critter dive in the muck!  We also offer Nitrox Diving for a surcharge if people wish to use Enriched Air Nitrox


We also run a blog where we post regular updates... Please take a look at to see what is going on in Lembeh at the moment, and of course, you can contact us with any questions you might have.


Little Green Shrimp


Postal Address:

NAD-Lembeh Resort
Tromol Pos 49
Kantor Pos Bitung
Sulawesi Utara
tel/sms: +628124756661

Contact Details:

NAD-Lembeh Resort
Teluk Rarandam Kecil
Pulau Lembeh
Kota Bitung
Sulawesi Utara
tel/sms: +628124756661
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